AMT SS-11A power question

Q: I bought a AMT SS-11A and I’d like to know if I can power it using one of the Voodoo Lab units. Can you help me?

A: SS-11A/B requires 12V DC (negative pin in the center – standard Boss config) 1000mA (1A or more) power supply. Please check your power unit specifications and see if 12V max current more or less than 1000mA. If it’s less, then it’s not enough current to power SS-11 preamp, if it’s equal or more, then you can use it, no problem.

SS-11a/b in front of an amp

Q: Hi, I’m very interested in your ss-11a pedal. Is it possible to use it in front of a tube amp? I have An Orange Tiny Terror that I use for some live shows but other times I would like to use it as a DI. My TT does not have an effects loop so I could not connect it directly to the power section of the amp

A: SS-11 is a preamp, so plugging it in front of another preamp doesn’t give best results. We recommend connecting it to Return or Power Amp section for best results. Anyway it’s ok to plug it in front of an amp, in that case you need to adjust EQ and level of ss-11 to make it sound good enough. Also you can switch on cab sim (‘to mix’ mode) when you plug it in front of an amp. It may work better sometimes.

Difference between the SS-11A and the SS-11B

Q: Hi, how can I recognise the difference between the SS-11A and the SS-11B? Is there a label or something like that on the pedal to identify its model??

A: It’s simple: Serial number starts with ss-11a or ss-11b depending on preamp model.

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