AMT Tubecake TC-3

AMT Tubecake TC-3




Connecting TC-3 to Audio interface

Q: I would like to record the output signal from the tc-3 without miking an amp. Can I connect the output of the tc-3 to my audio interface directly without running the risk to damage my audio interface device? My audio interface has inputs designed for conventional dynamic microphones and also a Hi-Z-input for a guitar.

A: You can’t connect TC-3 to an audio interface, it will burn it! If you want to record guitar without micing cab – use preamp output to an audio interface and then use software cab emulation. And remember that TC_3 is a power amp, not a preamp, so you can’t connect it to any audio interface.

Connecting TC-1/3 or Stonehead to 16Ohms cab.

Q: Hello, I own a Tube Cake Tc-3 and a 16 ohms stereo cab. Can I plug it into the 16 ohms input to use the two speakers or is it safer to run only one speaker at 8 ohms.

A: You can plug Stonehead, TC-1 or TC-3 to 16 Ohms cabinets, such connection gives more bass response. If you don’t like the sound you get, then run only one speaker at 8 Ohms. But don’t plug them to 4 Ohms cabinets, it may brake the amp and its cab.

Tubecake loudness

Q: How loud is TC1 and TC3?

A: TC-1 and TC3 are both have more than enough volume for home practice and studio recordings. TC-3 has more headroom compared to TC-1. They both can power 8Ohm 1×12, 2×12 or 4×12 cabs. TC-3 has enough volume for small reheasal rooms and can compete with a drum set.

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